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Dynamics - Vibration, Shock, Acceleration

dynamics and shock testing labTo ensure quick access to mechanical vibration and shock test services, Elite has invested heavily in its vibration testing capabilities.  We have several electro-dynamic vibration systems including machines capable of pushing up to 25,000 pounds of armature force. In addition to random, sine, and sine on random vibration control expertise, Elite has several unique capabilities such as: 

  • Kurtosis Control- This vibration control scheme has been developed through the work of Vibration Research Corporation.  VRC “Kurtosion” software incorporates high peak acceleration levels (greater than three sigma) to produce vibration testing more representative of the true vibration environment.
  • Field Data Replication-  Elite engineers can travel on-site to record the actual vibration environment. We utilize hardened field data recorders with multi-channel accelerometer inputs to capture vibration amplitudes and frequency characteristics. Once measurements are complete, we return to the laboratory to replay the recorded field data at increased amplitudes to accelerate fatigue stresses.
  • SRS or Trapezoid Classical Wave Shapes.  Using our largest vibration test equipment, Elite can conduct Shock Response Spectrum mechanical shock testing commonly specified for MIL-STD 810 requirements.

Table I. Elite Vibration and Shock Test Equipment

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