High-power capabilities for critical components

Elite Electronic Engineering is a leader in providing EMC and environmental stress testing services to the commercial aviation industry. Our test and consulting engineers assist manufacturers of aircraft avionics, power generating equipment, and other flight support systems comply with rigorous governmental requirements and aircraft OEM specifications. Since Elite is highly regarded in the aviation industry, our test results and reports are readily accepted and approved by the major aircraft OEMs.

Commercial Aviation Test Expertise

  • RTCA-DO 160 through Revision G
  • Boeing D6- 16050-4
  • Elite's staff of EMC Engineers are iNARTE certified to assure you the highest caliber of expertise and service.
  • ISO 17025 Accreditation for RTCA DO-160 Tests
  • Combined Test Services of EMC and Environmental Stress Testing provides convenience and cost savings.

Section 22 Lightning Susceptibility

  • Elite has the expertise and equipment to apply DO-160 Section 22 Secondary Effects Lightning transients including single stroke (SS), multi-burst (MB), and multi-stroke (MS) pulses. Elite can apply all RTCA DO 160 waveforms at Level 5.
  • Pin Injection: 3(1MHz)/4/5A/5B up to Level 5
  • Cable Injection: SS & MS 1/2/3 (1&10 MHz)/4/5A/5B up to Level 5
  • Cable Injection: 6H up to Level 5
  • Cable Injection: MB 3(1&10 MHz) up to Level 5

Combined Test Services of EMC and Environmental Stress Testing

Completing your EMC and environmental stress testing in parallel is more convenient, efficient and cost effective.

Special Utilities and Services

  • Readily available 400Hz or 28VDC power
  • Waveguide interface on RF test chambers for hydraulic and pneumatic hoses
  • Compressed air: 90PSI, 150CFM, Refrigeration Dried; Cooling water: 30PSI, 7GPM
  • Configurable resistive power load banks and heat exhaust capability

Test Reports and Test Plan Development

Elite technical documentation services include the development of formal test plans and test reports.

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