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When it comes to the accurate and repeatable evaluation of electrical connector performance, Elite has the equipment and expertise to provide the results. Elite can test the connector assembly, cable/connector interface and connector/contact interface.

Mechanical Testing

  • Extraction Force
  • Insertion Force
  • Retention Force
  • Contact Insertion/Extraction
  • Cyclic Fatigue Loading
  • Axial and Lateral Bending
  • Cable Pulling

Vibration and Shock Testing 

  • Sine or Random Vibration
  • Mechanical Shock 
  • HALT Vibration to evaluate fretting corrosion 
  • Chatter and discontinuity detection

Electrical Testing 

  • Voltage drop 
  • Contact resistance 
  • Temperature rise with high current 

RF Connector Testing

  • Shielding effectiveness
  • Insertion loss, VSWR

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