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Elite is equipped for tension/compression and Charpy/Izod impact testing on various types of material including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.  We also perform insertion and extraction for testing on connectors and cable assemblies.  Our universal test machines range in capability up to 55,000lbs and can be operated for static testing or cyclic operation at high loads up to 100Hz. Our Charpy/Izod impact test machine generates up to 25J of impact energy to measure material toughness.

Testing takes places in our ambient temp-humidity controlled materials lab or we can configure a chamber into our load frames for thermal cycling or testing at temperature extremes (-73C) to (+315C).

To collect data on large quantity sample sets we have test automation and pneumatically actuated grips to quickly place and pull test samples.   With a 3000psi/30gpm hydraulic system we can perform a diverse range of mechanical testing for many industrial applications.

Universal Test Machines (UTM) 

For large static testing loads and for cycling we typically use servo-hydraulic UTMs. Three (3) Servo-hydraulic load frames: 

  • 55,000lbs (245kN),  6 in. stroke, up to 100Hz
  • 10,000lbs (44.5kN),  6 in. stroke, up to 100Hz 
  • 10,000lbs (44.5kN),  6 in. stroke, up to 100Hz

Note: Load frames can be configured with temp chamber (-73C) to (+315C).

For small force measurements we can apply tensile and compression load with up to 1% accuracy for the following load cells and frames. Two (2) electro-mechanical load frames: 

  • 225lbs    (1000N) 
  • 22.5lbs   (100N) 
  • 12lbs      (50N) 
  • 2.25lbs   (10N)

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