From One Malfunctioning Camera To A Legacy of Results


As leaders in the EMC industry since 1954, we at Elite take pride in the capabilities of our chambers and equipment, as well as, pride in our staff's depth of knowledge and dedication to our customers.  If accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are things that you look for in EMC and Environmental Testing and Certification, think Elite.  Each day, we make quotes, test products, certify devices, write reports, give free coffee even--all with that same commitment to excellence and customer service that Elite founded over half a century ago. 

Started in the Spirit of Service and Innovation (Our Story/Past)


In many ways, Elite Electronic Engineering began aboard a United States Air Force bomber. Flying out of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, the bomber is equipped for the first time with a new, aerial camera. That camera could produce consistent photographic intelligence by adjusting automatically to the plane’s altitude and speed.

That first flight took place in the 1950s—and it didn’t go well. As soon as the camera turned on and began to function, its electronics began to interfere with the bomber’s autopilot programming. The plane would gain altitude, then readjust to its original setting, and then gain altitude again. In no time, the camera was turned off and the bomber was back on the ground. An urgent call was placed to the manufacturer’s new young engineer in Chicago, James C. Klouda—Elite’s founder.

With a little sleuthing—and a little shielding—Klouda made the necessary adjustments to the firm’s prototype model and air-shipped it to the Air Force base for testing the next day. There was no interference the next day and the in-flight test went off without a hitch.

Elite’s founder went to work expanding his knowledge—and understanding the application—of EMC testing technology. About five years later, James Klouda approached the military about creating an engineering firm with a testing focus on EMC. Those in the defense industry who knew of his talents encouraged him to do so.

Fortified by Experience and Strong Values… (Our Values)


While the company has grown exponentially in both customers served and services offered, the original values that Elite is founded on still hold true today. They include:

  • Continual investment in new technology and training
  • Focus on providing the highest value of service to the customer
  • High standards of integrity and hard work

Those principles have helped Elite become a leader in the industry—and have helped the company grow consistently during the past half-century. In 1954, Elite had two employees and operated out of a 2,500 square foot storefront in south Chicago. By 1973, the company had 20 employees and occupied 22,000 square feet. Today, with 60 employees, and more than 45,000 square feet, Elite offers unmatched ability and equipment.

Forging Ahead With New Tools and An Old Promise (Our Vision)


The company is substantially larger, the technology is much more advanced and the customer base is greatly diversified, but one thing hasn’t changed in 60 years: James Klouda's vision and values reflect our every day in the way Elite conducts its business--and treats its customers.


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