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Located in the heart of the I-88 R&D corridor, Downers Grove, Illinois, the facility serves as both our headquarters and our primary testing site for EMC/EMI and Vibration. Our North Annex is minutes away in Lombard, IL, with additional Environmental, Materials, and Photometry test setups. Just half an hour from either Chicago's O'Hare or Midway Airports and conveniently located near hotels, restaurants, and major highways, our 45,000 square foot Downers Grove facility and new 15,000 square foot Noth Annex offer:

  •  27 RF test chambers in various configurations, sizes, absorber linings, power supplies, and monitoring systems that are tailored to your exact testing needs.
  • Over 50 pieces of calibrated machinery dedicated to environmental stress testing, including vibration, automation, photometric, fatigue and cycling, corrosion, material, connector, and much more.
  • Full-service machine shop for designing and fabricating custom test fixtures, automation solutions, and other mechanical systems.

RF chamber options include: 


  • Whole vehicle (anechoic lined) 
  • Large Semi-anechoic Rooms 
  • Reverberation (mode stirred or mode tuned) 
  • 3-meter indoor FCC registered site 
  • Several CISPR 25 compliant chambers 
  • Controlled atmosphere ESD testing 
  • Full environmental stress test laboratory; Vibration, Temperature, and others 
  • High power electrical service 
  • Compressed air, cooling water 
  • Shipping docks capable of receiving extremely large equipment—and forklifts with a 2.5-ton lifting capacity 
  • Convenient access to hotels, restaurants, highways 

Facility Map

Elite Facility Map
Elite Facility Map

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D111 Vibration Table

D111 Vibration Table

Vibration Capabilities:

  • Frequency: 0 to 2,000 Hz
  • Displacement: 4.0" (Peak to Peak)
  • Sine Force Capability: 28,000 lbf
  • Random Force Capability: 28,000 lbf rms
  • Maximum Payload: 4,400 lb (minus fixture and head expander weight)

Primary Use: Vibration and Shock Testing; MIL-STD 810; DO 160; SAE; ISO; OEM; Electric Vehicle Components; Large Batteries

Mechanical Shock: Up to 56,200 lbf and 204 G peak

Slip Table Size: 60" X 60"

Head Expander Size: 60" X 60"

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