First of all, I appreciate all the help you and the team at Elite have been with our [automotive EMC testing] programs. It is amazing to be able to work with such a talented group of professionals. Second, we got the EMC equipment and test samples back at our facility yesterday. Whoever packed up that pallet did an awesome job! Seriously, we have been dealing with a lot of damaged shipments lately and we admired how carefully everything was packed and secured. A very welcome site indeed. Thank you!

Valued Customer

Great staff. Always get the job done with detailed results and efficiency.

Valued Customer

One differentiating factor for me is the efficiency and automation of your DO-160 EMC tests.  In particular your Emissions, Susceptibility, and Lightning tests.  You can setup, complete, and document these complex tests in a very efficient and expedient manner that takes other test labs much longer. 

You also have capabilities that other labs don't offer such as the ability to meet some of the extended HIRF field levels, and ability to perform EMP testing.

Lastly, I am glad to see the addition of you new optics lab.  For our cockpit displays we have been looking for a test lab able to perform spot luminance testing, and chromaticity testing for NVIS/Night-Vision compliance.

Valued Customer

Everyone I have worked with has been excellent and professional.

David Shinozaki, Bourns, Inc. - Automotive Division

The test progress updates are valuable to me and the testing staff are responsive to requests for extra information which is great.

Adam K.

So far my experience working with Elite has been great. They have people on site that are very knowledgeable in testing devices for the heavy duty automotive market. I haven't had the need to visit the test facility but I hope to at some point.

Valued Customer

Very professional service, I appreciate Elite being willing to repeat testing at a lower price due to an issue in the test plan not noticed in the first round of testing.

Valued Customer

Everyone I've ever dealt with has been courteous and helpful.

Brian E.

The response time I receive from when I submit a request for quote to when my tests are scheduled is excellent.

Jacob J.

Very satisfied with four projects over the years.

George M.

Great technical help outside of quoting and testing. Thanks for helping us with our issues with our Thermotron chambers.

Raymond M.

I would recommend Elite.

Doug S.

In general, we are very happy with Elite.  The only problem has been the long lead times for booking lab time, but I recognize that is an indicator that you do a great job and your services are highly in demand.

Brian Michalak, Telefonix, Inc. (Astronics)

Elite is by far the best laboratory I worked with. Highly professional, efficient and with customized support on the tests and schedule.

Valued Customer

I really appreciate working with Elite.

Valued Customer