Elite is the nearest lab to our location that offers RS testing using Reverb Chamber. That's a big deal to us from a travel standpoint.

Valued Customer

I would just like to say, again this year, that Adam Rohman is by far the most courteous, prompt, and helpful person from any outside lab that I deal with.  He always does his best to work in our last minute requests and always gives a better lead time than other labs do.  We also appreciate that Elite does not charge an expedite fee and instead works our testing in to their schedule asap, which has always been within a day or two of receiving the components.  
All of the employees at Elite have been more than helpful and have a positive attitude.  Elite also has the best pricing for any of the services that I've needed.
Keep up the great work!  We will continue to send our business your way because I know that we can always rely on Elite.

Valued Customer

My experience with Elite goes way back to the start of my career, and am always assured of your expertise and professionalism every time.

Thomas N.

The staff was friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. All questions were answered and detailed explanations were given.

Tess M.

Been working w/ Elite for over 15 years and it has been a wonderful experience w/ their environmental, engineering team. Never a problem with their testing capabilities, scheduling and/or data reporting...it's always been a pleasure!

Jason Yung, Cinch Connectivity Solutions

I appreciate how Elite does everything possible to help me meet my deadlines. This effort is really appreciated!!!

Valued Customer

Everyone I've ever dealt with has always been polite and helpful!
Is there a way for a customer to visually check and see the schedule of your equipment?  For instance, we've sent material to be tested in Vibration, Shock and Moisture Resistance and it would be helpful to be able to see a chart or something showing the availability of your test setups in the near future to help with our scheduling.

Brian E.

Elite's staff have always shown themselves to be helpful, competent, and friendly.  Thanks.

Valued Customer

No issues.

Valued Customer

The couple of times this year that I personally needed some vibration/shock exposures, both times you were able to beat the ESD by a couple of days. This allowed me to get testing completed over a weekend and available for me to take post vibe/shock measurements.

Valued Customer

Test engineers are always great to work with. Whenever I visit Elite, everyone I've ever worked with knows my name and is always eager to catch up. It makes for a more pleasant day of being away from the office.

Valued Customer

Elite has the the capabilities to do all our combined EMC and Environmental Testing "cover-to-cover" and a competent, efficient staff familiar with the test standards.

Arlie Stonestreet, Ultra-ICE

I have had very good experiences overall with Elite and plan to continue to work more in the future.

Valued Customer

Nice place to send testing.

Valued Customer

Technical staff is very helpful and professional.  Daily updates of test completion and status is best in class!

Ovetta H.