I would definitely recommend Elite to others based on my experience. Staff was very supportive and accommodating. I look forward to returning for future testing.

Valued Customer

Elite is probably the best test lab I have used, from the capabilities offered to the knowledge and professionalism of the staff. I specifically worked with both Kyle and Mark in Environmental Testing and both of them were absolutely phenomenal at what they do, willing to go above and beyond to ensure the customer was satisfied.

Valued Customer

Been a loyal customer of Elite for 30 years and seen a lot of test equipment and procedural improvements along the way. Elite is also a good place to pick up on the latest OEM trends regarding changes and developments in EMC-EMR test procedures.

Valued Customer

Keep doing what you are doing, Elite is a first rate test lab. I have been to many around the world,  Elite is the best I have work with.

George B., Twin Disc Inc.

Elite has provided Aerosonic excellent support for all of our test needs. Adam has gone above and beyond in answering all of my questions in regards to scheduling along with the many technical requirements. Elite test services and staff have set the bar in the test industry.

Jim L., Aerosonic

The Elite team has been very responsive and professional to any request I have made. I would like to thank Adam Rohman for his support and patience with many of my requests. He is very understanding and extremely supportive.

Valued Customer

I was very pleased with the services that Elite provided. Thank you for your help in getting our products certified.

Mike H., Magnetek Inc.

Elite staff always works with us and to do whatever is needed to meet our scheduling requirements. Confident, and consistently satisfied with test technicians and the rest of the support staff.

Valued Customer

I have always been treated as professionally as could be asked for. When my lab facilities cannot support my test needs, I only use Elite due to the incredible efforts of the staff, the professionalism, the quality of the data and the overall affordability and ease of use of having Elite as a testing partner.

Peter L., Caterpillar Inc.

Thank you for pushing up the drop and pull tests dates. CFAT testing is now all done and the two modules have passed all test. Please thank Kyle, Eric, Derrick, Brady and Nella for all their help. I've been in my share of test labs and I have found Elite to be the most professional, organized, and knowledgeable of all the labs I have done testing at. I will certainly recommend Elite in the future to anyone who is looking for a test lab.

Valued Customer

First of all, I appreciate all the help you and the team at Elite have been with our [automotive EMC testing] programs. It is amazing to be able to work with such a talented group of professionals. Second, we got the EMC equipment and test samples back at our facility yesterday. Whoever packed up that pallet did an awesome job! Seriously, we have been dealing with a lot of damaged shipments lately and we admired how carefully everything was packed and secured. A very welcome site indeed. Thank you!

Valued Customer

Great staff. Always get the job done with detailed results and efficiency.

Valued Customer

One differentiating factor for me is the efficiency and automation of your DO-160 EMC tests.  In particular your Emissions, Susceptibility, and Lightning tests.  You can setup, complete, and document these complex tests in a very efficient and expedient manner that takes other test labs much longer. 

You also have capabilities that other labs don't offer such as the ability to meet some of the extended HIRF field levels, and ability to perform EMP testing.

Lastly, I am glad to see the addition of you new optics lab.  For our cockpit displays we have been looking for a test lab able to perform spot luminance testing, and chromaticity testing for NVIS/Night-Vision compliance.

Valued Customer

Everyone I have worked with has been excellent and professional.

David Shinozaki, Bourns, Inc. - Automotive Division

The test progress updates are valuable to me and the testing staff are responsive to requests for extra information which is great.

Adam K.


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