Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these frequently asked questions to learn more about working with Elite. For more information about our staff, facility, and location, visit the About Us page.

If you have any other questions for our Elite Experts, please contact us and one of our sales engineers will respond promptly.

How can I get my testing done at your laboratory?

First, contact our sales department to discuss your specific test needs. Our sales engineers can provide techncal guidance, a proposal for serivces and instructions for how to proceed with testing at Elite.  Next, contact our laboratory scheduler, Adam Rohman at 630-495-9770 x 139 to reserve a start date for your project. Adam is responsible for scheduling EMC, electrical, and environmental testing. Please identify any special testing needs, project information updates, or new instructions to Adam. Also, remember that before we can begin testing, we will need your purchase order or credit card authorization.

How should I ship my product to Elite?

Many clients come to Elite to witness and support the testing of their product. They often carry along their test item and support equipment with them. However, if you prefer to ship your product to Elite by UPS, Fed Ex, or truck freight then address the shipment the following address:

Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc.
ATTN: Adam Rohman
1516 Centre Circle
Downers Grove, IL 60515

If you have specific questions regarding the shipping status of your equipment, you can contact our shipping supervisor, Dan O’Donnell:

Dan O’Donnell
630-495-9770 x 170

Does Elite have a shipping dock?

Elite can receive truck shipment of test items. Typically we utilize our fork lift trucks to load/unload freight. Our fork lifting capability is up to 5,000lbs, however given advance notice Elite can receive heavier or very large test items. Please inform your sales engineer if you have special test item handling needs.

How quickly can I start testing at Elite?

Elite has invested in equipment and manpower resources to optimize our lab availability. To ensure test time according to your needs, please plan ahead and contact our lab scheduler as soon as you have a reasonably certain test start date. In generally, we request 3 to 4 weeks of advance notice to ensure a schedule date. However, when an urgent test start date is requested, contact our lab schedulers immediately. We realize our clients have unanticipated test needs and we work diligently with them to make our lab resources available on these short notice instances.

Does Elite have a quality system?

Yes, Elite is ISO 17025 accredited for testing and ISO Guide 65 accredited for product certification. See our quality assurance information for more details.

What kind of equipment can Elite provide to support my testing?

Every test project is unique, so contact an Elite sales engineer to discuss your specific test needs. A DC power supply, basic data acquisition instruments, or compressed air are typical resources we readily have on hand to support your project. Elite does provide turn key test support systems if you do not have these resources currently available. Again, discuss your specific needs with our sales engineering department.

Do you have fiber optic transceivers to interface I/O into and out of your EMC tests chambers?

Typically we provide fiber optic transceivers for CAN based communications. When necessary, we can also interface analog or digital signals (up to 20KHz) via fiber optic transceivers.  Generally we can inteface most I/O such as analog or power signals through chamber filters, cable shielding, or waveguide cutoff. If you have special requirements, discuss your needs with an Elite sales engineer.

If I’m experiencing problems with my test item, can Elite help troubleshoot?

Yes. Elite provides very experienced personnel to conduct your testing. Generally they are the first line of direct assistance with your test item or support equipment issues. We also have a team of Senior EMC and Environmental engineers to call upon for more in depth support.

What happens if my testing extends beyond the initial estimate of test time?

We understand that not all testing proceeds as planned. After all, the nature of testing is working with new products or product enhancements which may have some uncertainty of performance and reliability. We are also expected to identify any unanticipated problems before your product hits the market. As soon as project delays or extensions occur, our test engineer and laboratory managers will discuss a project completion plan with you. Elite does accommodate unanticipated project delays as best as we can. We do schedule our laboratory very tightly and have to respect the needs of other clients who have lab time following the time booked for your product. Our lab schedulers will work with you and our other clients to shuffle our resources in a manner to keep your testing on track toward completion.

How many shifts does Elite work?

Typically our test staff will work a single 8 hour shift. If your project has special requirements to compress the test schedule, discuss your needs with the lab manager.

How early or late can I stay at your laboratory?

Our normal business hours are 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m Monday through Friday. If you need to arrive earlier or stay later, discuss your plans with your test engineer or one of our lab managers. We (like you) appreciate time with our families in the evenings and on the weekends, so we reserve after hours work for those special circumstances that need this additional attention.

Can I bring a camera into your laboratory?

For security reasons, client’s cameras are generally not allowed in our laboratory. Your test engineer will be taking detailed photographs of your test item and setup, but if you need to take your own photographs please discuss this individually with your test engineer.

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