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Brad is a highly skilled professional who serves as the FAA Program Administrator for the Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (ALECP). With expertise in Photometric, Electrical, Mechanical, and Environmental testing for airport lighting equipment, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and reliability of airport lighting systems. Brad also performs certification audits in accordance with the FAA’s ALECP documents, often based on ISO 9001 standards. In addition, he serves as an internal auditor for ISO 17025 and ISO 16025, demonstrating his commitment to maintaining quality standards. As the Photometric team lead, Brad’s leadership and expertise have been instrumental in achieving excellence in his field. He holds a Master of Science in Industrial Management from NIU (2014) and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from NIU (2010). Brad has been an Elite employee since 2016.


Brad DeGrave

FAA Program Administrator / Senior Mechanical Engineer