Battery Chamber (E56)

Primary Use: Temperature / Humidity Testing for Battery cells, packs, and modules

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Battery Climatic Chamber



32 cubic feet


38″W x 38″H x 38″D

Temperature Limits:

Upper limit: (+85C)

Lower Limit: (-70C)

Weight Limit:

500 lbs. (on shelf)

Safety Features:

-Fire Suppression System

-Rated to Hazard Severity Level 5 (Fire or Flame)

-Digital High/Low Temperature Limit and Alarm

-Light Stack and Audible Alarm

-Heated Pressure Relief Port

-Electronic Safety Door Interlock (Prevents entry either during tests or after an event)

-Gas Monitor, interlocked to controller to shut down chamber

-External Chamber Light to eliminate potential for spark


UN/DOT 38.3, MIL-PRF-32383, and other industry specs. Please contact an Elite Sales Engineer for any questions.