Vibration and Shock

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Typical Vibration Table

Typical Vibration Equipment

Total Capacity:

10 Shakers


Up to 5′ x 5′ Slip Tables and Head Expanders

Force lbs:

Up To 28,000 Force lbs.

Stroke Range:

Up to 4″ Peak to Peak

Frequency Range:

1Hz – 3,000Hz*

Total Payload / Weight Capacity:

Up to 4,400 lbs. (Including fixture and head expander as applicable)

Combined Environment:

Temperature/Humidity at the same time as Vibration

Up to +260C (500F)

Accelerometer Monitoring:

Ability to monitor up to 68 channels during testing

Bolt Pattern:

All of Elite’s slip tables and head expanders have a 4″ x 4″ grid made up of 1/2″-13 holes

Fixturing / Mounting:

Elite has an in-house machine facility to mount your product to our Vibration/Shock equipment

Note on Frequency:

*Elite has the ability to perform Up to 5,000Hz on our small shaker. Contact Elite for specifics on requests above 3,000Hz.

Additional Notes:

Elite has calibrated chatter detectors, high capacity fork lifts, remote witnessing and the ability to perform industry wide specs (i.e. Automotive, Agriculture/Industrial, Military, Aerospace/Space, Marine, Railway) See Elite’s Vibration and Shock Testing Services page for additional details