Room 14ML – Mode Tuned Chamber

Primary Use: Mil-Standard and Commercial Aviation Testing; DO 160

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About Room 14ML

Room 14ML is a reverberation chamber used for Mode Tuning or Mode Stirring RF immunity testing.  It is an approved test chamber for the Ford FMC 1278 RI114 Mode Tuned test.  This chamber is also used for the military and commercial aviation industries and provides the ability to achieve resonant RF levels for High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) testing.  The large size of this chamber provides for a 16′ x 4′ ground plane that enables testing of large MIL and Avionics integrated systems.

This room is configured with a paired reverberation chamber, Room 14MS, that can achieve HIRF test levels in excess of 4000 V/m.  The mating wall between rooms 14ML and 14MS is configured for EIA-364-66A shielding effectiveness measurements for cables and MIL/Aero connectors.

Room 14ML

Facility Description

Standards & Test Types

Military and Commercial Aviation:

MIL-STD-461, DO-160G


Automotive EMC

FMC 1278 RI114

Type and Capabilities
  • Reverberation Chamber
  • Mode Tuning or Mode Stirring
  • 21’ x 19’ x 16’ overall size
  • Uniform Field Volume: 16Ft Wide x 8Ft Deep
  • Lowest usable frequency: 100MHz
Room Features


(4) 30A DC filtered lines

(3) 30A AC filtered lines

Power Availability:

  1. 115VAC/400Hz 3-phase, 30A
  2. 115VAC/60Hz single phase, 15A

Other power arrangements are available upon request.

Ground Plane 1: 16’ x 4.0’ x 0.031”

Ground Plane 2: 7’ straight length

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Primary Services Used in this Room

MIL-STD-461 Testing

Elite is uniquely equipped to provide MIL-STD-461 Military EMC Testing with our over 60 years of experience.

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RTCA DO-160 Testing

Elite is uniquely equipped to provide RTCA DO-160 and related Commercial Aviation EMC and Environmental Stress Testing.

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Vehicle Component EMC Testing

The most capable independent laboratory for automotive-component EMC testing.

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