Room 22 – Whole Vehicle EMC Testing

Primary Use: Whole Vehicle EMC Testing for Commercial, Passenger, and Military Vehicles, and large equipment.

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About Room 22

Room 22 is Elite’s semi-anechoic absorber lined Whole Vehicle EMC chamber.  Testing includes RF emissions and immunity on vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, tractors, construction equipment, and other large machines.  Room 22 can be configured with a wheel-chassis dynamometer allowing Elite to test vehicles under their typical driving load.

Room 22 – Whole Vehicle EMC Testing

Room 22

Facility Description

Standards & Test Types

ISO 11451-2


UNECE Reg 10.6

EN ISO 13766,  EN ISO 14982

Type and Capabilities
  • Semi-anechoic absorber-lined
  • 70′ x 33′ x 18′ overall size
Room Features


(1) DC 30A filter

Power Availability:

  1. 230VAC/60Hz 3-phase, 30A
  2. 120VAC/60Hz single phase, 30A
  3. 115VAC/60Hz single phase, 15A
  4. 480VAC/60Hz 3-phase, 200A

Other power arrangements are available upon request.

Free-standing RF Hardened Active Dynamometer 2WD / 4WD, 4 x 31kW

RF hardened Camera system used for monitoring for susceptibility test

Ground Plane: 64’ x 21.5′ x 0.031”


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Primary Services Used in this Room

Whole Vehicle EMC Testing

Elite is recognized throughout the automotive industry for their EMC testing leadership.

Service Details

Vehicle and Component Regulatory EMC Testing

Vehicle and component government regulations for FCC, Canada, CE, E-mark and others.

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MIL-STD-461 Testing

Elite is uniquely equipped to provide MIL-STD-461 Military EMC Testing with our over 60 years of experience.

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