TEST Room 23 – Small Vehicle EMC Testing

Primary Industries: Military, Aerospace, Small Vehicle Automotive

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About Room 23

Room 23 is an Absorber-Lined Shielded Enclosure (ALSE) used for military, commercial aviation and small vehicle automotive testing.

Room 23 – Small Vehicle EMC Testing

Room 23

Facility Description

Standards & Test Types

Military and Commercial Aviation:



Automotive Standards:


Type and Capabilities
  • Absorber-Lined Shielded Enclosure (ALSE) – 31′ x 23′ x 18′
Room Features

Filtered Power:

  1. 115VAC/400Hz 3-phase, 30A
  2. 115VAC60Hz 3-phase, 30A
  3. 115VAC/60Hz single phase, 15A

Table-Top Ground Plane: 31′ x 6′

Floor Ground Plane: 17′ 9″ x 24′

Cabling Interfaces:

Distance from the front edge of the monitor room table and test room ground plane is 8.5ft.  Plan cable lengths accordingly

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Primary Services Used in this Room

MIL-STD-461 Testing

Elite is uniquely equipped to provide MIL-STD-461 Military EMC Testing with our over 60 years of experience.

Service Details

RTCA DO-160 Testing

Elite is uniquely equipped to provide RTCA DO-160 and related Commercial Aviation EMC and Environmental Stress Testing.

Service Details

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