Meet Our Partners

Elite has established a network of partners that provide our clients expertise which complements our core EMC and environmental test services. Through our history of successful collaborative experiences, Elite has developed confidence in their specialized knowledge and unique abilities. Elite can work directly with these partners to seamlessly integrate and manage their services with our EMC and environmental testing. Contact Elite or one of our partners directly to learn more about their specialty services.

Electrical Safety and Machine Safety Services

CE Consulting, Inc.

Homer Glen, IL
Contact: Ed Lukasik

CE Consulting is an independent company specializing in the design, testing, and approval of manufactured products that must meet electrical safety, shock, fire hazard, and machine safety standards. The requirements include those of the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) in the U.S. and the European Union "CE Mark" directives.

CE Consulting will examine a product's construction details, design requirements and individual components. They review instruction manuals for appropriate safety information and their engineers offer design and safety solutions. CE Consulting can provide NRTL pre-compliance review as well.

NRTL Safety Services

  • Bring products into compliance before submitting to various agencies.
  • Procuring NRTL quotations.
  • Discuss agency interpretations of standards with the agency to ensure the manufacturer is not being held to more restrictive requirements than mandated by the standards. (Agency engineers often dictate worst case criteria that is not necessarily the best option for the manufacturer. CEC ensures all options are considered!)
  • Set up witness testing, at CEC or your facility.
  • Continually follow up with the agency so projects do not stagnate.

CE Consulting has years of experience assisting manufacturers achieve recognition for their products through the following testing agencies: 

  1. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) (ULc)
  2. MET Laboratories (MET)
  3. Intertek Testing Services (ETL)
  4. Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

International Regulatory Compliance Services

Compliance Specialty International Associates

Bend, OR
Contact: Greg Peschka

CSIA provides services to help manufacturers gain access into international markets by obtaining type approval (sometimes known as product approval or product homologation) for telecommunications or electronics products. 

CSIA connects with local in-country labs, agencies and local agents on every continent.  With these relationships CSIA is able to offer type approval and safety certifications in 100% of the countries worldwide creating a one-stop shopping solution for worldwide approvals including the following areas:

  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Latin America
  • Central America
  • Australia

Failure Analysis and Metals Laboratory

Materials Engineering Incorporated

Virgil, IL 
Contact: Bill Durako

Materials Engineering, Inc., located in northern Illinois, is an independent materials and metallurgical engineering consulting firm and an A2LA accredited testing laboratory. With a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory, including scanning electron microscope, EDS with light element detection, metallography, microhardness, photography and video capabilities, MEI can provide failure analysis, process analysis, QC inspection, contamination identification, and many other materials-related services.

Bill Durako is the chief scientist. He holds 2 patents and is the author of 17 papers and technical presentations.

Third Party EMC Consulting Services

Our EMC consultant partners are the recognized experts in this field. These firms regularly provide independent training seminars at several times throughout the year.

JDM Labs, LLC 

Buffalo Grove, IL 
Phone: 1-847-630-2769
Contact: Mr. Jerry Meyerhoff

E3 Compliance

Grand Rapids, MI
Phone: 616-795-8223
Contact: Scott Mee

EMC4pcb Consulting, LLC

Lincolnton, GA 30817 
Phone: 248-330-4990 
Contact: Carl Szasz

Antenna and Wireless Systems Design/Consulting Services


Contact: Nick Buris

With Motorola alum Nick Buris at the helm, NEBENS provides Elite customers with unique insight into MIMO Antenna System Design, traditional Antenna Design, Electromagnetic Modeling & Simulation, phased arrays, RF circuits, RF Propagation, Dynamic Spectrum Access, and Interference and System Coexistence. These services go a long way toward designing for successful wireless systems from the start.