Ben O.

Control Industries, Inc.

We had been working for the last few years on design and functionality of our new L-854 digital receiver/controller unit. Once we had the design perfected it was time to obtain FAA approval through testing. Getting on the list of FAA approved vendors is essential to making sure our product is visible to the customers who make the ordering decisions.

We contacted several testing agencies, and it was apparent right away that the Elite team was going to be the one for us. They responded right away, answered all questions, and worked with us on time frame. Having more of an electrical background, the paperwork side of things was a bit of a struggle. The Elite team was able to skillfully guide us through this, making sure our internal forms and quality system would be fully compliant with FAA regulations.

When it came time for the functional testing of our unit, the Elite team was again right on top of producing a test plan to meet the FAA qualifications. They had all the equipment on hand to perform the environmental and electrical checks. We were able to set up firm testing dates, and communication while testing was fantastic.

I can safely say that without the hard work and expert help of the Elite team we would still be navigating the FAA approval process. I would with full confidence recommend Elite Electronic Engineering to any company with FAA testing and certification needs.