With Brexit, the UKCA Mark became the new compliance label for the UK countries of England, Scotland, and Wales. Learn more.

Elite has taken delivery of a new vibration table to add to its lineup of mechanical vibe and shock test equipment. Learn more.

There are valuable training and learning opportunities coming this fall, and we want to make sure Elite’s clients know about them. Learn more.

Elite will have a major presence at this year's IEEE EMC-SIPI Symposium. Learn more.

Testing can find radiofrequency immunity issues in electric vehicles. Learn how Elite can help.

Coming soon: New high-power test capabilities for your EV and its high voltage components. Find out how our new tools can be put to work for you.

The bar is high for medical equipment approval. Learn how Elite can help you navigate the process.

Elite’s generations-long support of the IEEE and the EMC Society parallels IEEE’s mission. Learn more.

Elite is an A2LA and NVLAP accredited laboratory and is accredited to provide trusted results. Learn more.

Elite's testing team stays on top of what the FCC needs for the fastest and most complete approval. Learn more.

Science fiction has opened doors to ideas leading to new devices. None of us knows what technology will be next but safety and reliability will apply just as they do now for any device. You can be sure Elite will be ready for testing them.

Elite on the Road in May

The experts from Elite have been hitting the industry hotspots this month across the Midwest. Learn more.

Elite is accepted by the FAA as an ALECP Third-Party Certification Body for all types of airport lighting equipment (L-types). Learn how to get your lighting equipment certified.

To confirm that your antenna is performing as designed, Elite can perform antenna testing to check efficiency, gain, and directivity. Learn more.

April is the month of IEEE Education Week, April 2-8, a weeklong celebration of educational opportunities provided by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Learn more.