March 14 is Pi Day! 3.14, the two-decimal-place value of pi (π), also represents the date, which by happy coincidence is Albert Einstein’s birthday. Learn how everyone from elementary schools to NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab plans to celebrate. Enjoy a piece of Pi!

Elite has years of experience performing chemical exposure tests. Our chemical-exposure testing experts have put together a checklist of things to know if your product needs testing.

This year EWeek is observed February 19-25. The NSPE describes the objective of EWeek as being dedicated to “ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.” Learn more.

The basic corrosion-resistance evaluation of material and its coating is salt fog testing. Elite performs salt fog tests as part of its suite of climatic tests. Learn more.

At Elite we perform regulatory EMC compliance testing on large vehicles and electronic subassemblies used in the construction, agricultural, the forestry industries. Learn more.

Know a student in an electrical engineering program? Does that student have an interest in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) or a related subject? Could that student use some support? If the answer to those questions is “Yes,” you need to know that the IEEE James C. Klouda Memorial Scholarship application deadline is coming up on January 31.

Equipment expected to perform in harsh environments rely on chemical exposure testing to show how it will hold up in those conditions. Learn more.

Elite Electronic Engineering Inc. is one of the world’s leading independent testing laboratories. What is the significance of independent testing? Why is it so valuable to the Conformity Assessment Process? It is about trust and integrity.

A student pursuing an electrical engineering degree deserves support, especially if the student has an interest in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Elite Founder Jim Klouda thought so, and in his memory, Elite established the IEEE James C. Klouda Memorial Scholarship.

In 2022, the Elite team visited long-time friends and met new ones at industry events far and wide. Check out our 2022 event recap.

Electrical components in an MEA aircraft have different requirements. The experts at Elite can answer your questions about DO-160 tests and the array of of related tests needed for compliance with aviation standards.

Meet Mark Rugg - An engineer in Elite’s MIL-AERO area who once worked on Air Force Two verifying the Vice President's telephone.

Elite’s long experience in aerospace compliance verification extends to DO-160 icing tests. Icing tests are run in Elite’s state of the art thermal chambers on DUTs in a variety of sizes and configurations. Learn more.

Elite is equipped to perform the full range of night vision imaging system compatibility tests assuring compliance with MIL-STD-3009, MIL-L-85762A, and SAE ARP5825A. Learn More.

The FCC is requiring more antenna details on Part 15 Transmitter applications. Learn more.