To soften the burden of global compliance, Elite has teamed with Global Validity to bring its clients a new standard in wireless certification.

2020 JCK Scholarship

Beyond the dollar value of the award, there is the far greater benefit of having a prestigious scholarship on the resume of an entry level engineer.

Meet one of our newest members, and featured employee of the month, Kameron Stephens! We feel very lucky to have Kameron on our team.

Here at Elite we regularly measure shielding effectiveness (SE) for internal needs and for our clients.

Earlier this year, Ford released the FMC 1280 EMC specification, and we're getting our lab ready to meet the new requirements.


At Elite, we perform numerous Automotive EMC tests for domestic and international OEMs. Our Senior EMC Engineer, Derrick Gabalewicz, explains some unique International EMC test requirements and how Elite meets the challenge.


Elite has been a leader in Lightning and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Testing for decades thanks to the skill and dedication of Tom Klouda, Elite’s Director of Engineering. Find out what sparked his interest in lightning simulation.

The 2019 IEEE International Symposium on EMC+SIPI was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, last week. Elite was there as an exhibitor and presenter to learn more about how technology advances in the electronics industry is driving new challenges for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) around the world.

Starting on August 1, 2019, Amazon vendors are required to test and certify some types of product packaging to be Amazon ISTA 6 compliant to avoid extra charges.

With many more products incorporating cellular radios, it’s become essential for Elite to have the very best equipment in place to enable wireless connectivity for items under test. To support this growing need, Elite has put in place three CMW500 Radio Communication cellular base station emulators from Rohde & Schwarz.

Elite is proud to welcome John Peters as the latest addition to our team of wireless test experts. John has over 20 year experience and is a seasoned RF engineer with knowledge of wireless devices, antenna measurements, and Over-The-Air (OTA) laboratory operations.

Earlier this year the Ford EMC department issued a notice to its approved test labs that all RF radiated immunity testing shall be performed using the reverberation chamber method.

There is no “standard” Life Cycle Test, so Elite’s experts tailor each test program for a specific product and application to accurately simulate an entire lifetime.

Paul Gates joined our Automotive EMC team in 2018 bringing a passion for all kinds of electronics. He builds gaming PCs in his spare time, and his surprising fact will have you seeing double.

The development of Automotive EMC standards for North America and the rest of the world has been very active over the past few years with the industry-changing impact of electric & autonomous vehicles. Continue reading to learn a few of the standards that are being updated to address the EMC testing of Electric Vehicles (EVs).