Today's Elite Expert is Dan Crowder, our Certification Department Supervisor and FCC/CE Mark Team Leader. As a senior EMC Engineer actively involved in transmitter standards development--including ANSI C63.10 and ANSI C63.26, the TCB Council, and the IEEE EMC Society, Dan's seen his fair share of transmitter issues and solutions. Read below to see what he has for us this week.

The premiere of Elite’s new web series, Ask An Engineer is finally here!

Today's expert is Ray Klouda, Elite’s President and captain of this ship. Ray has 34 years of experience in the related fields of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and RF shielding design with a focus on military and commercial EMC specifications, quality systems, and TCB Certification. Read below to see what he has for us today.

Today's Elite Expert is Craig Fanning, our EMC Lab Manager, US National Committee Technical Advisor for CISPR-D, and advisor on many other industry committees. Read below to see what he has for us this week.

Tom Klouda, local lightning expert and EMC equipment extraordinaire, tells us what it takes to obtain quality EMC laboratory test equipment that accurately and efficiently tests our customers' products.