Employee Spotlight: Bill Dunnell

Every one of us is more than just our work and the services we provide. We have families, hobbies, and other passions that fulfill our lives and make us better at what we do each day.  After working in this industry for a few years, I’ve gotten to know many of the people that make up the EMC community at large and at Elite. Here is a brief look at what makes our Elite family so unique and diverse…

With over 18 years of experience in Environmental Stress Testing, Bill adds another level of techical expertise, practical know-how, and problem-solving skills.  As Environmental Team Leader, Bill is responsible for overseeing all testing within Elite's Environmental Department.  He also performs all vibration controller and accelerometer calibrations and conducts electro-dynamic shaker P.M. and repair.

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Bill and hear his thoughts on...

...How he got into component testing: "Always had a knack for breaking things and figuring out how things are put together. When I was just a kid I took apart my neighbor’s bike, down to the horn, just to see how to put it back together--before he came looking for it.

It was after I got out of the Army when my little sister got me an interview at a test lab (Boston area) as an entry level technician.  It didn’t take me long to realize that this job was tailor made for my talents.  I get paid to break stuff!!!"

...Tricks to good boat maintenance:  "There are three things that are a must-have on any boat…an 8” adjustable wrench, Duct Tape (not just any duct tape, splurge on the Gorilla Tape, Large Roll, Black.  You will be amazed what that stuff can hold), and Black RTV.  The good stuff is Mopar (any dodge dealer should have the stuff…seals most things on the boat in 30 minutes.  And the most important thing….make sure you put the plug in the rear of the boat before launching. Trust me, embarrassing on a busy Saturday morning at the lake…"

...Mountain-biking: "I ride a Specialized Rock-hopper (Y Frame).  I used to ride trails a lot more but after a few careless injuries (and age), I tend to stay off the mountain trails now.  I still enjoy riding and thank my 2 youngest girls for the much slower pace on our bike rides.  Oh yeah, wear a helmet…it's embarrassing when showing off for your kids and you dump it!"

...His kids and some favorite stories including them:  "Jill has learned the art of sarcasm, and quite truthfully mastering it, at the amazing age of 5.  One day she was jumping from the couch over the coffee table and her grandmother told her, “I don’t want to see you doing that again”, so she said, “so don’t watch”.

Katy (8) loves to play piano.  She has only been playing for a few months but seems to have a knack for figuring out popular songs just by singing the words while she is practicing.  She also loves art (you should see my fridge) and has a deep affection for animals, all animals…to the point of I am not allowed to kill spiders if she spots them first.

Addye (20) is currently in South Carolina (which now coming into winter seems like a great place to be).  I would say that one of her biggest interests is her writing.  Starting back in middle school, my birthday present from her was usually a short story, complete with illustrations and photos, of the special family moments we shared.

My oldest child, Zach, is now 23 and has started a career in sales.  He also has a talent for writing, and although he didn’t realize it until a few short years ago, understands and is sometimes fascinated by science and engineering….I wonder how long it will be before he becomes an employee at Elite."

Now, for something warm and hearty while the weather feels increasingly polar, view the recipe for Billy’s Silly Chili to the right.

Quick Team Member Facts

Year he started at Elite: 2003

Areas of Expertise and Industry Certifications: Institute of Environmental Sciences Member (1996); Practical Aspects of Climatic Testing (IEC-1996); Lockout/Tag-out of Equipment & Systems (NTS-1998); DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation & Safety (NTS-1998); Mastering HALT & HASS (Hobbs Engineering-2001); Advanced HALT/HAST Applications (Hobbs Engineering-2001); VR8500 Training Program (Vibration Research-2006); VR9500 Training Program (Vibration Research-2011); VR8500/9500 Hardware Verification Training (Vibration Research-2011); Accelerometer Calibration (Vibration Research-2011)

Most rewarding aspect of working in EMC at our company: Working with a diverse group of customers and products that make every day different and providing new challenges to tackle; the family atmosphere; great team members.

Bonus Question: What’s something that customers and colleagues would find interesting about you? "I sometimes cry in church."