Employee Spotlight: John Vallee

This month we get to learn more about John Vallee, a experienced engineer with a passion for photography. See a few of his shots and learn a few other things you might not know about John below:

Quick Team Member Facts
Title: EMC Engineer
Year Started at Elite: 2003
Areas of Interest:  Automotive EMC
Education:  ASEET, ITT Technical Institute - 1979
Any unique hobbies, talents, skills, experiences, etc.: Unpublished writer / part time hack.  I am also a pretty good speller.
How did you get into EMI testing?
In 1986 I was offered the chance to make a living at reducing the noise produced by the computers we were building at Zenith Data Systems.  That is where I honed my skills at guesswork.  The company is dead but I live on.
What's the most rewarding/favorite aspect of working at Elite?
I see different products and people all the time.
Anything that customers/colleagues would find surprising about you?
I hold a US patent for an enclosure design. 
What are you most proud of?
I'm a father to two great sons. It never gets old.
Anything you are particularly passionate about outside of work?
Photography. I’ve been attempting to be good at it since I was a kid.  I saved up enough money to buy a camera when I was about 10, then realized I needed more money to buy and develop the film!  I like to get up early before the sun rises because morning light is my favorite. Everything looks more dramatic in the morning.  I should develop an affinity for evening light because it doesn’t require an alarm clock to catch it.
My advice? Take a lot of pictures.
If you had a personal motto, what would it be?
Argue for your limitations and they’re yours.
If you could be paid in something other than money, what would you choose?
Gold bricks.