Partner Spotlight: Nick Buris, NEBENS LLC

Here's a little bit about our new antenna testing partner, Nick Buris:

Title: President of NEBENS; Elite Partner

Year Started at Elite: 2016

Areas of Expertise/Interest: Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Antenna systems, Wireless Communications, RF Propagation, Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Management, Dynamic Spectrum Access, Cross-Layer and Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization.

Education: Dipl. Electrical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens;  Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering, NC State University

Any unique hobbies, talents, skills, experiences, etc.: I am a lazy cook.  So, I can make very good meals out of leftovers and fool people into thinking that they took a long time preparing and were made from scratch.

Proudest moment in life so far: A lot of good things have come my way by chance, so I cannot say that I feel very proud about much, if anything, because I was just there.  I didn't conceive nor did I execute a master plan.  So, I have several "luckiest moments" but not "proudest moments".

What would you consider to be your passion outside of work? How did you get started in it? Any advice for anyone looking to try this activity? 

I am Greek.  So, I get easily passionate about many things.  I like to know how "things" work and/or come to exist.  And, when I say "things", I don't necessarily mean gadgets.  So, anything that has to do with physics, engineering, medicine, economics, art, politics, culture, etc. I like to find out about their key idea(s) and how they were invented/discovered/came to being.

Most rewarding/favorite aspect of working with Elite:

Good people, well run family values company

How did you get involved with EMC/ENV testing?

Testing is where the "rubber hits the road".  You may spend all the time you want to come up with a design that looks good on paper, but it also needs to test well for it to be a success.

What is something that customers/colleagues might find surprising about you?

I had an almost full time night job as a movie theater projection room operator from age 10 till 16 and then every summer till I was 24.

If you had a personal motto, what would it be?

"Go Geeks Go"

If you could be paid in something other than money, what would you choose?