Know Your RED Harmonized Standards Publish Dates

Manufacturers of wireless transmitters and receivers must comply with Radio Equipment Directive (RED) by June 13th, 2017. After that date the R&TTE Directive will no longer apply. A manufacturer can presume conformity with the RED if they apply harmonized standards in full. A list of harmonized standards is published in the Official Journal (OJ) for the RED and new standards are regularly being added in the OJ.

But the list of harmonized standards published in the RED OJ is presently significantly incomplete. So how do manufacturers know when the standards that apply to their products will be available for their conformity assessment?

To help anticipate publish dates for RED standards, the European Commission has made available a Work Program summary that lists the various standards under consideration for the OJ and their approximate publish dates.

Manufacturers are encouraged to review this list and the RED OJ on a regular basis. If the standards that apply to their products are published or are going to be published in the OJ by June 13th, 2017 RED deadline date, then they would be able to issue a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and self-declare compliance with the RED. This process is described in Annex II of the RED and is called Conformity Assessment Module A Internal Production Control.

However, if the harmonized standards applicable to their products are not published and are not scheduled to be published by June 13th, 2017 then Annex III of the Directive can be used as the conformity assessment. This process is a EU-Type examination based on internal production control and will require a Notified Body for the RED to review the technical file and issue a type examination certificate.

Radio Equipment Directive Official Journal

All Active Work Items For Directive '2014/53/EU'

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