EBook: Guide to CE Marking & RE Directives for Low-Power Wireless Transmitters

The CE Mark is a label placed on manufactured goods declaring its compliance with essential health and safety requirements for European citizens. Likewise, the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) is the compliance requirement in Europe for wireless transmitters. These two labels—and the regulatory infrastructure behind them—comprise the product conformity laws for the 28 European Union nations along with the EFTA countries of Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway and are adopted by Switzerland and Turkey through separate trade agreements.

Everything You Need to Know About the CE Mark & RE Directive

This e-book provides information on:

  • An overview of tests for output power, spurious emissions, transmitter and receiver functions, bandwidth usage, and adaptivity

  • Testing for EMC

  • Tests/Analysis for Electrical Safety

  • How to receive the Declaration fo Conformity

  • Overview on transitioning to the RED