EBook: Guide to FCC Certification For Part 15 Low Power Wireless Transmitters

To help avoid radio interference, Wireless and IoT technology has evolved using signal spreading, coding, filtering, diversity, and agile channel selection methods. Government regulations have also evolved to ensure wireless devices can use the radio frequency spectrum in an efficient and equitable manner.  This guide outlines the process for device certification for commercial products that require FCC Certification.

Everything You Need to Know About Part 15 Low Power Wireless Transmitters & FCC Certification


This e-book provides information on:

  • An overview of the radio frequency spectrum and the FCC's role in managing it                                                   

  • Wireless and IoT transmitter certification steps and process

  • Overview and summary of wireless transmitter rules and requirements

  • Information on product technical exhibits

​Readers will also learn how to apply that knowledge to:

  • Prepare your Wireless/IoT device for testing

  • Expedite the FCC certification process

  • Increase the likelihood of your Wireless/IoT device being certified and approved