10 Steps to Successful Automotive EMC Testing

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January 1, 2017

An average passenger car today relies on between 50 to 75 embedded electronic modules to monitor and control nearly all aspects of vehicle operations. These functions include steering, braking, tail-pipe emission controls, safety, and entertainment and comfort enhancements, to name just a few.

To ensure safe and reliable operations of these systems, a rigorous, multistep test-and-validation process is often performed as part of product development.

Our FREE e-book will take you through each step:

  1. Determining your target market
  2. Product function and expected performance
  3. Compatibility with other devices
  4. Test requirements and documentation
  5. Test lab needs
  6. Development testing
  7. Test quoting and scheduling

As well as three more important steps to guide your successful automotive EMC testing!

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