AAA Selects Elite for Headlight Study

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January 15, 2019

The American Automobile Association (AAA) recently studied the impact of lens deterioration on automotive headlight performance and found that cloudy and yellowed lenses can reduce light output by nearly 80% compared to new headlights. Poor headlight performance makes nighttime driving more hazardous, so AAA recommends that motorists invest in one of several lens restoration options compared in their final report.

AAA sought an ISO 17025 accredited photometric testing laboratory to help quantify the effect of lens deterioration on headlight performance and ultimately selected Elite’s Photometric Testing team to help design and execute the test protocol and reverse-engineer mounting fixtures.

The goals of the study were to determine the reduction in light output caused by deteriorated headlight lenses and evaluate several lens restoration options to see which provided the most improvement in roadway illumination while minimizing glare. AAA selected five driver-side headlamps from two popular sedans that represented new, replacement, and aged performance.

After review of the goals and test samples, Elite’s experts recommended a testing sequence to allow direct comparison of each headlight’s performance from several aspects. Elite’s state-of-the-art Type A goniophotometer offered the flexibility and accuracy to define the low- and high-beam light patterns, measure the “birds’ eye” view of roadway illumination, and assess regulatory compliance to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 (FMVSS 108). The used samples were tested before and after restoration to demonstrate the performance improvement from professional and low-cost “DIY” restoration methods. Full details of the test methods, results, and conclusions are available in the full AAA Headlamp Lens Deterioration Research Report.

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