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July 26, 2023

Electric vehicles have new high voltage components and new test requirements. Elite is excited to announce that new, broader test capabilities are coming soon to Elite’s one-location campus in Downers Grove, Illinois. This new equipment will make Elite the only testing lab in North America to offer complete high-power testing to new electric vehicle (EV) components.

The rapidly evolving automotive technology calls for the latest and most complete testing capabilities. Elite is investing in the tools that offer those capabilities to its customers.

Responding to the automotive industry’s movement toward high-voltage electric vehicle (EV) modules, Elite is equipping its lab with AMETEK-CTS PowerWave 250 power sources capable of testing components connected to an EV’s high voltage (HV) bus. The PowerWave is designed to test high voltage components up to 1500 VDC, such as electric drives, batteries, and auxiliary components.

Elite’s lab will be able to provide up to 1500 VDC and 500 kVA/kW for EV high voltage component testing, along with 100% source/sink and power recovery.

Increased Vibration Testing Capacity

But that’s not all. Elite is also taking delivery on a vibration test system that further expands Elite’s industry-leading Vibration and Shock Testing lab. The IMV A74 test system has a frequency range of 0-2600 Hz at a maximum displacement of 3” peak-to-peak. With a maximum force-pound capacity of 16,500 and a 36” x 36” slip plate, the new table’s power and range makes it ideal for new automotive component testing.

Contact Elite to find out how these new tools can be put to work for your EV and its high voltage components.

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