Elite Expands its Downers Grove Lab Campus to Improve Schedule Lead Times and Add Services

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February 14, 2017

Construction crews are busy preparing 15,000sq.ft. of new laboratory space at our recently acquired North Annex test facility.  This addition to Elite’s growing Downers Grove campus will house more environmental chambers for temperature testing, humidity, altitude, and others. It’s also being designed to meet the growing demand for testing cabling, connectors, and materials.

New services will include a fully provisioned machine shop where tooling, fixtures, and automation will be designed and manufactured to provide one-stop services for clients. With this in-house capability, Elite customers will have priority access and quick turn-around for custom-built test support equipment of all types.   

As part of the expansion, Elite will also rearrange existing equipment at its main building and repurpose space for other uses.  In this reassigned space new EMC chambers will be built to meet the growing demand for EMC test services and to shorten schedule lead times.

Testing at the new annex will begin in late March so stay tuned for news and updates on the expansion and new services to follow.