New Fixture Fabrication Shop Open for Business

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April 10, 2017

Elite’s new North Annex houses a complete machining and fabrication shop to deliver high-quality, customized fixtures and automation solutions with shorter lead times. This new addition builds upon Elite’s proven Fixture, Automation, and Life-Cycling capabilities by bringing the entire process on-site and fully integrating it with our testing services. The shop includes two CNC mills that accommodate plates up to 4 feet wide and is staffed by an experienced mechanical designer and a full-time machinist ready to serve you.

Fixtures are an integral part of the Environmental Stress Testing that we perform every day at Elite. Well-designed fixtures seamlessly transmit vibration and shock forces to products under test and accurately simulate their installed configuration. They also add efficiency to the testing process by accommodating multiple samples for simultaneous testing and easing the transition between axis orientations.

In addition to fixtures, Elite can engineer systems that automate repetitive motion or mechanical manipulation to support life-cycling and fatigue testing. Automation improves efficiency to accelerate test schedules and reduces uncertainty through repeatability.

Why trust Elite for your Fixturing and Automation Solutions?

  1. Elite’s decades of testing experience combined with material selection, mechanical design, and analysis ensure dependable solutions that are tailored to your technical and schedule requirements.
  2. Stay on schedule knowing that your fixtures will be completed and available on your start date. We can also quickly modify fixtures as necessary throughout testing.
  3. Guarantee compatibility with Elite’s test equipment and data acquisition systems and reuse for future testing projects. Even if you are not planning to test with Elite, we can also create solutions for your internal use.
  4. Streamline your supply chain with a single point of contact for design, fabrication, and testing.

Elite’s fabrication shop is now open for business, so contact us today to find out how we can deliver custom fixtures and automation solutions on time and within budget. Stay tuned next month for more on our new Photometric Testing capabilities that provide complete qualification testing services for your automotive and aerospace lighting products in one location.