More Accelerometers on More Shakers

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June 21, 2022

Elite’s Dynamics Lab is among the largest and most capable in North America. The recent expansion with more shakers, larger capacity, and more efficient operation keep our customers on schedule with the flexibility to meet their most demanding requirements. With access to eight shakers, our expert staff delivers complete Vibration and Shock Testing for small electronics and large systems. Our capability has only been limited by the number of accelerometers that could be monitored – until now.

We recently expanded our monitoring capability with our equipment provider, Vibration Research, and are now equipped to monitor up to 68 channels during a single test:

  • Upgraded six shakers, each with 16 dedicated channels for accelerometer monitoring.
  • Configured 52 additional channels for on-demand installation on any shaker.
Up to 68 channels available for your test

Now our customers can record more data and save more time in their test programs by:

  • Employing triaxial accelerometers to record all three axes simultaneously.
  • Eliminating the need to reposition accelerometers for each axis.
  • Monitoring more locations and samples concurrently.
New controllers with 16 channels per shaker

As electronics for Automotive, Aerospace, and Military applications grow in complexity with more rigorous durability requirements, Elite is prepared to meet the challenge. If your test plan requires multiple accelerometers, request a quote today to put our new capability to work for you.