EBook: Guide to Antenna Tests and OTA Measurements

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June 19, 2018

Antenna performance for a wireless transmitter is critical for optimizing range, throughput, and power consumption. This guide provides an overview of basic antenna concepts and the processes to evaluate antenna performance and transceiver operations. Once an antenna has been configured to a wireless device, measuring its performance can provide numerous benefits.

Everything You Need to Know About Antenna Tests & OTA Measurements

This e-book provides information on:

  • An overview of antennas and the importance of measuring
  • Antenna design basics, fundamentals, and measurements
  • Overview and summary of important antenna parameters
  • Information on Passive and Active antenna testing

​Readers will also learn how to apply that knowledge to:

  • Benchmark your antenna design through testing
  • Optimize integrated antenna-transceiver performance
  • Achieve greater success with network operator certifications

Download Guide to Antenna Tests and OTA Measurements