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September 8, 2014

Elite Celebrates 60 Years of Service

We recently found Jim Klouda’s engineer log book from September 1954.  In it, we can see his handwritten notes, data, calculations, sketches, and simple wiring schematics. It describes the early days of Elite as he was making measurements and solving interference problems for customers in ways that are remarkably similar to what we do today. 

Much has changed since 1954. Measurements that used to be recorded manually now rely on software and automation to process data efficiently and accurately. We have sophisticated instruments and unique facilities to work with today’s complex electronics and communications equipment. These are the tools necessary to test and solve technical problems in 2014.

Very little immunity testing was performed by Elite in 1954. Now we provide a wide range of RF and transient immunity tests. The ubiquitous microprocessor and modern electronics we have today require it.

Electrical circuitry and RF filter designs engineered by Jim in 1954 were massive compared to those we see in our lab now. RF filters today rely on the same basic engineering principles as in the past but physically implementing a filter circuit on a small surface mount PCB requires the use of soldering skills resembling that of a micro-surgeon.  

What has not changed between then and now is the personal aspect of providing a professional service and the need for technical expertise. We know that Jim was skilled at his craft. His customers recognized it and they could trust his technical expertise to solve their problems.  Jim treated his customers well and they in turn respected him and appreciated his work.

Today, our customers tell us (in person and by our surveys) that they still consider technical expertise as their primary need when it comes to testing services. They want skilled EMC (and environmental) test engineers and they want accuracy and efficient work.  They want knowledgeable experts in the standards and regulations; they want skilled test practitioners familiar with the fine details; they recognize the value in having confidence in our results.   

Our customers also tell us they want ready access to our lab on their timetable, and sometimes that means access on short notice. To provide schedule flexibility we have to continually invest in new personnel, facilities, and equipment so that we have a reasonably short backlog, but not to the extent that we have costly excess capacity.   

As we celebrate Elite’s 60th year in business we reflect back on Jim Klouda’s early days and see that his approach to business remains very much the same for us today—We need to be experts in our craft and we need to solve customer problems, be they technical, schedule, or other.  

As stewards of Jim Klouda’s legacy, we are more focused than ever on ensuring that the Elite brand is defined as having the most qualified and knowledgeable test engineers and support staff in the industry, and for having the testing resources in place to be responsive to our customers’ needs. These fundamentals are the core of our business and are indeed the Elite Mission Statement and Brand Promise. 

From the ownership team at Elite, we sincerely appreciate the trust that our customers have placed in Elite. We look forward to helping clients be successful in their business and want to do our part to keep each and every one of our customers the leaders in their industries.

Thank you for being an Elite customer. We’re here to serve you.  


Raymond Klouda, President
Thomas Klouda, Vice-President
Joseph Klouda, Vice-President

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