Elite Sends Leaders to the International IEEE EMC Symposium

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June 21, 2022

Elite Electronic Engineering has been active in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society for over 40 years. Elite is a regular presence at the EMC Society’s annual symposium and has hosted dozens of meetings for the EMC Society’s Chicago chapter.

That tradition continues at the 2022 EMC-Signal Integrity and Power Integrity (SIPI) Symposium being held August 1-5 in Spokane, Washington. Symposium week is filled with presentations of peer-reviewed technical papers, demonstrations of EMC test and mitigation techniques, tutorial workshops, and an exhibition of wares from more than a hundred EMC-related companies. Elite will be represented by two of its own:  EMC Lab Manager Craig Fanning and Marketing Engineer Tom Braxton.

Craig is the current Vice-Chair of CISPR/D, the EMC standards committee devoted to electronics on vehicles and internal combustion powered devices. His involvement with standards extends to membership on other related groups: the EMC Society Chicago Chapter board; the International Standards Organization (ISO) TC22 on road-vehicle standards; the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) EMC Committee; and subcommittees within all these organizations.

Craig is presenting “ISO Update/Motivations” at the symposium’s Automotive EMC Standards and Instrumentation Update tutorial session. Attendees will learn how ISO develops standards and how industry trends combine with public needs, providing the impetus for new or revised standards. This work is a voluntary exercise, done by professionals like Craig who devote their time and expertise.

Tom is a Life Senior member of the IEEE EMC Society and has served two terms on its board of directors, as well as the current chair of Technical Committee 1 (TC1) on EMC Management. He is a long-time Program Chair and Vice-Chair of the EMC Society Chicago chapter and was the General Chair of the IEEE International EMC Symposium held in Chicago in 2005. Over the years he has presented papers on EMC topics to global and local audiences, and currently writes a monthly column for the IEEE EMC Society published in its magazine and on LinkedIn.

Tom will present “Performing Immunity Testing to Transient Signals” later that week at the Basic EMC Measurements tutorial. Tom has spoken at these sessions for 20 years, where attendees learn the variety of transient tests: electrostatic discharge (ESD); electrical fast transients (EFT); electrical surge and burst; and magnetic-field immunity. Across those tests, Tom emphasizes the importance of knowing a device’s failure criteria: if a transient occurs, is the device’s reaction a failure or a benign response? Engineers spend more time answering that question than on the test itself.

As part of the EMC and compliance industry, Elite has always had a commitment to standards, education, and professional development. Craig and Tom carry on that commitment as they speak to large audiences this year in Spokane. For more information, visit the symposium website to see the advance program and register to attend.

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