Employee Spotlight: Adam Grant

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August 29, 2014

Every one of us is more than just our work and the services we provide. We have families, hobbies, and other passions that fulfill our lives and make us better at what we do each day. After working in this industry for a few years, I’ve gotten to know many of the people that make up the EMC community at large and at Elite. Here is a brief look into what makes our Elite family so unique and diverse…

Like most of us, Adam Grant is more than just a focused test engineer helping customers get through a job. While a dedicated member of our Military and Commercial Aviation Department, he is also a 2nd degree Black Belt and trains others in Tae Kwon Do.  Adam got into martial arts at the beginning of high school, initially as a way to get active. What really hooked him was the drive for self-improvement and it broke the shy teen out of his shell. At work every day, he utilizes the concentration and self-control honed by Tae Kwon Do to test efficiently and solve problems when difficulties arise.  He now teaches martial arts and self-defense through “Adam’s Fit Tae Kwon Do” in his spare time (which is limited to a new addition to his family on top of work). Commitment to the success of our employees and customers—within our walls or without—continues to make Elite what we are today.

Quick Team Member Facts:

  • Year he started at Elite: 2003
  • Areas of expertise: Military, Commercial Aviation, and Aerospace EMC Testing; Performs full spectrum of qualification tests
  • Education: B.S.E.E.T. DeVry (2001)
  • Certifications: iNarte Test Engineer
  • Favorite thing about Elite: We’re family-owned and employees and customers alike are treated like family
  • Most rewarding aspect of working in Mil/Aero EMC:  Making sure the products he tests are reliable for the troops protecting our country.