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October 14, 2014

Every one of us is more than just our work and the services we provide. We have families, hobbies, and other passions that fulfill our lives and make us better at what we do each day. After working in this industry for a few years, I’ve gotten to know many of the people that make up the EMC community at large and at Elite. Here is a brief look at what makes our Elite family so unique and diverse:

So you know those people who seem to light up a room with their warmth, passion, and infectious sense of curiosity? Well, Stan Dolecki is absolutely one of those guys. Our Automotive Team Leader exudes the right mix of approachability and technical know-how that makes him both a trusted resource for customers and a great mentor for other employees. This enthusiasm and ingenuity also spill over into one of his great passions outside of work and family–scratch modeling. An avid scratch model builder since his Cub Scout days, Stan has currently been putting his skills and talent to work designing and building Steampunk and industrial-style lamps and custom fixtures. (Loosely defined, “Steampunk” is a style that brings together elements of the industrial and antique with things like gears, pipes, old-fashioned bulbs, etc.)

See the pictures on this page for a glimpse of the projects he’s been working on lately and for a better idea of the term. Also after dealing with noise and electrical component complications in his projects, he can definitely empathize with our client base who come in with similar issues day-in, day-out!  Staff like Stan with creativity, dedication, and a deep passion for EMC push us all to find better solutions and be our best selves here. Tune in next month for more surprises from the Elite team! 

Quick Team Member Facts:

  • Year he started at Elite: 1988
  • Areas of expertise: Automotive and Heavy Vehicle EMC; Whole Vehicle Testing; Test Setup and Test Stand Design; OEM/Company Internal Test Specifications; On-site Consulting to Troubleshoot EMC Problems; Developing Ways to Simulate Issues Seen in the Field; Designing Test Suites and Writing Test Plans to Help Customers Achieve their EMC Compliance Goals
  • Education: B.S.E.E.T. DeVry (1989)
  • Certifications: iNarte Test Engineer
  • Most rewarding aspect of working in EMC at our company: “Any time I walk away from a client and/or team member knowing that I have been able to actually help them resolve an issue. That is the ultimate feather in my cap because taking care of our customers is and has always been our Job #1!” Stan also says he’s proud to be “entrusted with leadership roles that enable him to be a part of the growth and expansion of Elite”
  • Favorite Elite anecdote: “James C. Klouda made me realize that I had greater worth, potential, and value than I had realized in one simple act. He not only took a chance in hiring me, but he gave me a chance to step up and make a difference…The difference between an idea and reality is the effort required to make it work.”

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