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July 8, 2015

This month, we get a chance to find out more about our go-to offsite test engineer and an all-around great guy in our community. Steve Kowalczyk has the ingenuity and customer-oriented focus that epitomizes Elite and his sunny disposition is perfect for cheering up this otherwise stormy June we’ve been having in Chicago. Read below to see how Steve met a guy named James Klouda and how he spends his time outside of testing:

Quick Team Member Facts

Year Started at Elite: 2001

Areas of Interest: Military/Aerospace testing, Full Vehicle Testing, Automotive testing

Education: BSEET DeVry University

Industry Certifications: iNARTE

Any unique hobbies, talents, skills, experiences, etc.: Cub Scout den leader (3 years), Spent a week in NOLA, after Katrina, demoing houses with a group from my church.

How did you get into EMI testing?

I like telling this story… while taking classes at DeVry, a classmate of mine told me about a co-op position he had interviewed for, a couple of weeks previously, at Elite.

He had gotten connected with Elite through another DeVry student he knew, who was a Co-Op at Elite.  Since some time had passed since the interview and he never got the call, I asked if he still had the business card. He handed it to me and later that day I made a call to a fellow named James Klouda who asked me to come on in. And the rest is history.

What’s the most rewarding/favorite aspect of working at Elite?

Working with a multitude of customers and chatting with each and helping them to feel welcome here at Elite.

What’s your proudest moment in life so far? 

Becoming a dad for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time 

Any encouraging words for someone thinking about becoming a Den Leader for Cub Scouts like you are?

You have enrolled your child in scouts for a reason, whether it be for character growth or unique life experiences. Whatever the reason, no one knows better than you what you want scouts to be for your child, so make it that and more.

Anything you are particularly passionate about outside of work?   

  • Drawing, coloring, painting, building forts, wrestling, tea parties, playing sports, movies, video games… with my kids.
  • The precious few quiet relaxing moments with my wife when one or all of the above are not happening.
  • I love working with my hands to install, build, rework and fix things. I often use my vacation days working on projects at my or anybody else’s house who has something interesting going on.
  • I also enjoy anything outdoors: fishing, hiking, biking, and competitive sports.

Anything that customers/colleagues would find surprising about you?

  1. My wife and I are high school sweethearts.
  2. I dig film scores.
  3. I am always up for an adventure.
  4. I work with my first-grade teacher’s son.

If you had a personal motto, what would it be?

Go with your gut!

If you could be paid something other than money, what would you choose?

Clausen pickle spears.

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