Employee Spotlight: Tylar Jozefczyk

Here's a little bit about a new official member of Elite's EMC testing department, Tylar Jozefczyk

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October 10, 2016

Here’s a little bit about a new official member of Elite’s EMC testing department, Tylar Jozefczyk:

Title: EMC Test Engineer

Year Started at Elite: 2016

Areas of Expertise/Interest: Still learning, but EMC testing

Education: Bachelor of Science in Physics & Minor in Mathematics from Loyola University Chicago; Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago

Any unique hobbies, talents, skills, experiences, etc.: Video games, books, anime/manga, watching Blackhawks games. I used to play volleyball, basketball, and softball. I play the piano and was in band/pep band for 7ish years.  

Proudest moment in life so far: As cliché as it may be, getting my two degrees. I had been in school for nearly 7 years, so finally getting both degrees and hanging them up was really cool.

What would you consider to be your passion outside of work? How did you get started in it? Any advice for anyone looking to try this activity? 

I don’t really have one specific passion, but I tend to jump around to a lot of media stuff, like movies/video games/anime, and animated stuff.  I like having a bunch of things that I can be into and keep myself busy with.  As for advice, I always say ask a friend for recommendations that they think to match your personality and interests, then branch out from there. I would also say just jumping in and trying something out it since you never know if you’ll like it or not if you don’t give it a shot.

How did you get involved with EMC/ENV testing?

Mostly through looking at the different jobs that I could do as an electrical engineer. 

Why did you choose to work at Elite?

With my degree, I wanted to be involved with the physical aspect of engineering.  I originally hadn’t thought of working in testing, but after looking into it I realized that it was up my alley.  

What is something that customers/colleagues might find surprising about you?

I really love astronomy and if I didn’t want to be an engineer, I would be an astrophysicist.   

If you had a personal motto, what would it be?

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it. Plus it’s awesome and all that.”

 If you could be paid in something other than money, what would you choose?

Video games or books.