Hidden Gems on the Web: Killer EMC Resources

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April 16, 2014

Okay let’s be honest, we all find ourselves drawn to web resources like Wikipedia and YouTube because it’s just so easy to find what you need. No doubt, these and other websites help us be more productive at our jobs with quick answers and explanations to basic technical questions and interests.  But what if you need more detailed and trustworthy information?

Here at Elite, we regularly connect with several government and private websites and want to make sure our customers have access to the best ones. On the Elite website, we’ve posted several helpful links to build your knowledge database and be confident in the information you use.

Three of our favorite sites include:

  • Quick Assist” website- Provides military standards and handbook
  • FCC OET” website- Connects you with the FCC OET Knowledge Database
  • Europa” website- Supplies European Union CE Marking information