New at Elite! Dynamometer Capability for Whole-Vehicle EMC Testing

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July 28, 2022

Elite Electronic Engineering is excited to announce the installation of a new chassis dynamometer in its drive-in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) chamber, especially as applied to electric vehicle testing. The HV Technologies RP40-55/100-6-F is a free-standing dynamometer that can be used with front-wheel, rear-wheel, 4-wheel drive vehicles, as well as motorcycles.

Automotive vehicle EMC testing has become an urgent need in the automotive industry. Electric vehicle (EV) sales in the US have grown from 50,000 in Q4 2016 to 2.6 million in Q1 2022. Increasing EV complexity makes it all the more important to verify their radiofrequency (RF) emission and immunity characteristics.

Testing vehicles under running conditions gives the manufacturer a more accurate EMC picture. When on the road, the EV’s motors, controllers, regulators, and other systems are fully engaged. Higher emission levels are likely at a wider range of frequencies when those systems operate under load. Also, the risk of RF vulnerability in navigation and motor-control systems is more acute while the vehicle is in motion.

Dynamometers have been in use for many years to test internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles under load. Horsepower, fuel economy, and other parameters have long been measured as the vehicle was operated at speed on dynamometer rollers.

EVs have more EMC concerns under operating conditions because of their complex electronics. Higher voltages and higher currents in an EV’s powerful motors and associated control systems naturally generate higher RF emission levels, and the sophisticated circuitry must be immune to disruption from external RF fields. These factors make electric vehicle testing imperative.

Elite’s new dynamometer can handle axle loads of 10,000 kg at a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a rated speed of 55 km/h. Its control-system RF immunity is 200 V/m, allowing the full range of RF immunity tests to be performed without concern of corrupted data. The dynamometer and vehicle test chamber have been set up so that smaller electric vehicles can be tested in 2WD or 4WD applications. Large vehicles will be tested in 2WD applications in most cases. The dynamometer is also capable of testing motorcycles.

Automotive vehicle testing can be set up by driving the vehicle directly into the test chamber, saving time and cost. Because preparation time is minimized, each test can be completed sooner to allow time for additional configurations that may be desired.

Contact Elite to find out more about how this test tool can work for you. Elite experts can work with you on scheduling a test, creating a test plan, and putting the dynamometer to work for your vehicle.

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