Reverb & Resonance: Beyond the Hype

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October 10, 2013

Reverberation chambers, Mode-Stirred and Mode-Tuned Testing, and Resonant Cavities are common terms we hear in the EMC community.  But what’s behind this technology–Is it really that new? And why is it important for EMC testing?

The physics of resonance has been studied and applied for years. We recognize its importance in acoustics for musical instruments and concert halls, and also with mechanical vibrations in buildings, bridges, and machinery.  More recently, nuclear magnetic resonance and optical resonance in lasers have brought new understanding and great benefits to our everyday lives. 

Here at Elite, resonance and reverberation chamber technology are used for testing digital electronics for RF susceptibility. Mode-Tuned testing in our reverberation chambers provides a very robust evaluation of RF susceptibility because of the characteristic “isotropy, random polarization, and uniformity” of this method. 

To help explain this very interesting convergence of electromagnetics and statistics, Elite will host an IEEE technical presentation on reverberation chamber testing for EMC.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about this topic and why concepts like isotropy and random polarization make a difference in your EMC tests…And it’s Oktoberfest-themed!