Time to Comply with New EMC and LVD Directives

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April 20, 2016

The new Directives for EMC 2014/30/EU and for low voltage electrical safety 2014/35/EU are now being enforced. Be sure to take steps now so that your products are in compliance today.

  • Review the new Directives
  • Verify your harmonized standards are still current
  • Make sure your product is marked with manufacturers/importer  information
  •  Confirm product markings for batch or serial number
  •  Publish your updated EMC and LVD DoC

The changes to the new EMC Directive and Low Voltage Directive will impact the administrative part of conformity assessment and not the technical requirements  (Note: the exception being for broadcast receivers or TTE).

As of the date of this blog post, the European Union has not yet updated the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and the list of harmonized standards for the new directives. The current OJEU provides reference only to the old EMC and LV Directives. We anticipate the EU will be making these changes within the next several months.  

Until the European Union updates the OJEU, manufacturers should identify the new EMC and LVD on their DoC and apply the latest list of harmonized standards referencing the old EMCD and LVD on their new Declaration of Conformity and in their technical files.

Also, if you are an Ag/forestry Tractor manufacturer, note that the functional safety type-approval regulation covering EMC for tractors is in effect as of January 2016.