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By Robert Bugielski, Elite Sales Engineer, NCE

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October 9, 2016

Manufacturers of new electrical and electronic modules to General Motors must perform EMC validation testing in accordance with the specification titled GMW 3097 (June 2015). The spectrum of testing required by GMW 3097 consists of conducted/radiated emissions, conducted/radiated immunity, conducted transient immunity/emissions, and Electrostatic Discharge.

Recently, GM has enacted a new policy that places much greater emphasis on the summary reporting requirements listed in GMW 3097 (June 2015). The summary report obligations for suppliers are stated in Section 3 Requirements, Part (d) in the Notes:

Note: In addition to the procedure report(s) per item “d” in the preceding list, the supplier shall also submit a brief summary of any/all DV/PV data associated with any test under an approved EMC test plan within five (5) working days of completion of that testing. This submission shall be via email to both the GM Design Responsible Engineer (DRE)/Designing Engineer (DE) and the GM EMC engineer.

GM requires that the supplier must send by email an in-process summary report after the completion of each separate phase of testing, i.e upon completion of radiated emissions, or conducted transients, ESD, etc. In addition, when the supplier sends the data summary report to the GM DRE/DE, the supplier must also “cc” copy the EMC test lab confirming the summary report email was transmitted. EMC labs are required to confirm that validation data was sent after each test and within five days of completion of each phase of testing.  

This new policy by GM places important obligations on both the supplier and on the test lab that performed the testing. This policy certainly includes Elite when we perform GMW 3097 EMC validation testing for our clients. GM EMC group not being updated on a test-by-test basis is no longer an option.

In addition, the GM policy stipulates that if the data is not transmitted within five days then the EMC test laboratory that performed the tests must notify GM that the data has not been transmitted. If the EMC lab (Elite) does not receive a “cc’ed” email copy of the data summary from its customer at the five-day expiration period then the EMC lab (Elite) is at risk of losing its GM EMC laboratory recognition. 

Because of the obligations placed on Elite by this GM policy, data transmittal email copies that are not received by Elite within five days will be notified to GM directly by Elite. Elite is not obligated to provide the data to GM but rather inform GM EMC DRE/DE that the five-day grace period has passed and we have not received confirmation that the data has been transmitted to GM.

Given the serious consequences of non-compliance with this GM requirement, Elite will follow this notification policy rigorously. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about this process or our testing services. We certainly want our customers to be informed of this important GM procedure and work together to avoid any complications with GM validation testing. 

For more information contact Robert Bugielski:

Robert J. Bugielski Jr.

Senior EMC Engineer

Technical Sales

ph: (630) 495-9770 ext. 168



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