So why should I care about the 2015 Symposium on EMC and SI?

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February 18, 2015

Question…  So why should I care about the 2015 Symposium on EMC and SI?

Answer…  Circuit designers that build their products with a high level of digital signal integrity improve their EMC performance, and attending this year’s Symposium will grow your understanding of signal and power integrity as it relates to EMC.

For digital electronics to operate properly their signal voltage, currents, waveforms, and timing must be within specified tolerances. Transmission line lengths and timing delays, impedance mismatches, and closely spaced coupled circuits create distortions to the digital waveform. These distortions and transmission line losses increase potential RF susceptibilities and induce common mode currents that lead to radio frequency interference problems.

Digital circuits with a high level of signal integrity have a higher noise margin and provide a more robust RF immune product. High speed/high edge rates contribute to electromagnetic emissions from circuits and low power consumption design trends are increasing the sensitivity of circuits. Simply put, a high level of signal integrity equals better EMC performance.

This year’s Symposium includes an impressive slate of EMC, Signal Integrity (SI), and Power Integrity (PI) workshops and technical presentations. The workshops span from the fundamentals through advanced applications, plus the technical sessions present the latest science and applied technology for SI design, SI/PI simulation, and EMC testing that will build your personal expertise, knowledge, and credentials.

We hope you can attend this year’s Symposium on EMC and SI/PI being held March 15th through 21st in Santa Clara, California. And while you’re there stop by Elite’s booth #837 in the exhibit hall to say hello to our sales and technical staff.

For more information on the IEEE Symposium on EMC and Signal Integrity, visit the event website at

If you’re training or travel budget doesn’t line up with this year’s Symposium then consider more local single-day IEEE events.  Save the date for the following IEEE seminars and other industry events: 

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