Elite Expands Cable, Connector, and Harness Testing

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March 6, 2018

The recent addition of Elite’s new North Annex has paved the way for expanded Electrical Connector Testing for manufacturers of connectors, cables, and harnesses used in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.  

Elite can now perform a full scope of connector tests in line with common industry and OEM standards, such as USCAR2, GMW 3191, MIL-STD-1344A (now EIA-364), IEC 60512, and many others. Our unique capabilities include:  

  • Current cycling up to 2,000 Amps (12VDC). Current cycling tests evaluate the temperature rise, voltage drop, and resistance change over time for the cable/connector interface.
  • Connector Insertion/Retention/Deflection Testing. Mating and un-mating connector assemblies can provide data to evaluate connector lifetime and failure modes.  
  • Terminal Pull and Peel Testing. Our universal test machine load frames can apply tensile tests to measure the strength of the terminal-to-wire in an axial or radial pull test.   
  • Cross Section and Analysis. Elite can provide cross-sectional post-test inspections with magnification. 
  • RF Connector and Cable Testing. Elite’s RF engineers can configure the fixturing and instrumentation to measure insertion loss, VSWR, and shielding effectiveness.
  • Custom Fixture and Tool Fabrication. Our Machining, Automation, and Controls team can design and build custom fixtures that conform to force application and cyclic testing specifications. 

When you are ready to experience the Elite advantage and put our comprehensive capabilities and proven experts to work for you, please contact us to learn more or request a quote.