Elite Expands its Environmental Test Capabilities…and in a Big Way!

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September 3, 2015

The recent motto around Elite regarding test systems has been… “Go big or go home”,  This certainly applies to our newly commissioned walk-in chamber, mechanical shock machine, and our universal test machine.

New- Walk-In Chamber

With the installation of a new large walk-in chamber, we have increased our biggest climatic test volume fivefold when compared to our previous capability. Our new Thermotron temp-humidity chamber stretches 16ft deep by 11ft wide and 9ft tall and will ramp at change rates of 5C/min between (-67C) and (+85C). It can also control humidity from 95% down to 5% and produce condensing and non-condensing humidity environments as well as frost and ice conditions. The chamber has a reinforced floor for heavy systems and is fitted with three 6-inch diameter access ports and electrical feedthroughs, plus it has two large viewing windows.  

With twin 30hp compressor sets for refrigeration cooling and 72kW of heating elements, Elite test engineers are ready for the largest and most complex types of products and tests that clients can send our way.

New-  Mechanical Shock System

We’ve upgraded our mechanical shock capabilities with a fully automated pneumatic shock table from Vibration & Shock Technologies (VST).  This machine is designed to produce half-sine and sawtooth with far greater amplitudes and a wide range of millisecond durations.  For high G pulses we can reach up to 3000Gs-0.5msec and for long pulse durations, we can extend 100msec (at 10Gs).

The system controller and software will make Elite shock testing more efficient, productive, and cost-effective.  The PC-based controls include preconfigured shock profiles to speed waveshape verification and overall test time. Plus, repetitive shock pulse testing can be programmed for applications that require hundreds or thousands of cumulative pulses.

With this new machine, we have an impressive lineup of shock capabilities, including:

  • Electro-dynamic vibration tables

Our existing ED shakers can produce a wide range of shock pulses in a manner that makes vibration and shock testing quick and efficient. 

  • HALT Synchronized Shock 

Our HALT table can produce “synchronized” shock pulses in excess of 1500gs in single impact or rapid succession (up to 25Hz). 

  • Avco Extreme High-G 

Half-sine shock pulses up to 30,000Gs peak 

  • VST Large Shock Machine

Table size 30” x 30”, payloads up to 1000lbs. 

Shock amplifier to reach 3000g. 

Crash pulses with time durations up to 100msec.

Give Elite a call to discuss your next mechanical shock test requirement. We can bump, hit, drop, or crash products in nearly any way our client request…sounds like fun. 

New-  55kLbs Universal Test Machine

With the addition of a 55klb (245kN) universal material tester from MTS, Elite now has a fleet of five machines to test materials and equipment for a range of properties such as strength, deflection, or fatigue. As the largest of our UTMs, this 55k MTS machine more than doubles our test capacity for tensile and compression applications.

In total, our range of machines includes load cells and frames that can measure high force parameters up to 55klbs for tensile or compressive applications, down to 10N load cells for the most delicate force measurements such as for keypad actuation forces.  

Plus our MTS 370 load frame is fully configurable with a temperature chamber capable of cooling to (-73C) and heating to (+315C). We can perform materials testing at a range of temperature extremes while concurrently applying full load conditions.

The applications for these test machines are wide-ranging. They include traditional types of material property measurements such as yield and ultimate strength, modulus, strain, and deflection. We test connectors and cables to evaluate connector lock and unlock forces, connector/wire crimp holding characteristics, beam deflections, and enclosure crushes. If you need answers to how your device will perform when pulled or pushed, Elite can provide the test systems that provide the data—and with precision.