Field Data Replication, Fatigue Damage Spectrum, and Kurtosion

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September 8, 2022

Manufacturers come to Elite for a wide range of reliability tests and analytical services.  When it comes to vibration, Elite services extend beyond the traditional sine and random test techniques.  Through our association with Vibration Research Corporation, Elite can perform tests that apply advanced techniques such as field data replication, Kurtosion, and fatigue damage spectrum. These processes help manufacturers achieve greater reliability for their products when it comes to vibration and environmental stresses.

Fatigue Damage Spectrum (FDS)

Using the VRC Fatigue Damage Spectrum utility, we can perform a random vibration test that’s representative of a lifetime of vibration but completed in a shorter test time on our vibration table.  FDS also helps manufacturers identify relative severity between two or more vibration environments. 


When Elite engineers run random vibration tests that include enhanced Kurtosion control, the product under test is exposed to a more realistic and revealing vibration environment.  Kurtosion vibration enhances a standard random vibration by focusing more of the vibe stress on peak G acceleration levels. This Kurtosion vibration environment mimics realworld vibration that includes significantly more time at peak levels than what is produced by the traditional random test.  Kurtosion testing can quickly identify potential design defects and help manufacturers grow reliability.  

Field Data Replication

The majority of vibration testing is characterized by swept sine tones applied at designated amplitudes or as an acceleration spectral density for a random vibration test.  However, Elite engineers can also capture the actual vibration conditions in a product’s environment by instrumenting accelerometers to the product or its environment, and then collect the in-situ accelerations with high-speed recorders.  Using this field-measurements Elite engineers return to the lab where they can precisely replay the measured acceleration stress conditions and produce a test that replicates the actual field conditions.  This real-life test can also be increased in amplitude to apply the same vibe frequency but at more severe levels to compress test durations.

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