Inclination Testing for Marine Industry Equipment

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May 25, 2022

Testing marine equipment involves simulating the harsh environment typical for recreational craft and onboard commercial ship applications.  Test lab equipment must replicate accelerated moisture and high humiditytemperature extremes, and corrosive atmospheresHigh vibration and shocks are also tested to evaluate marine systems against the mechanical stresses from propulsion or other motor-driven ship systems.  

Another stress that is unique to the marine environment comes from the pitch and roll inertial attitude changes of the ship during rough seas and initial acceleration. These conditions are simulated using static and dynamic inclination testing. 

Static inclination testing evaluates the ability of equipment to perform when the vessel is off plane for extended periods such as when a vessel is listing to one side or another. Dynamic inclination testing evaluates equipment operation during pitch and roll from rough seas. 

Many types of marine equipment are tested for inclination. For example, ship controls are evaluated to confirm normal operations such that components remain seated, connectors stay mated, actuators hold position, and the cabinet doors remain closed. Motorized or moving systems are tested to evaluate how the angular momentum of a spinning motor or dynamic system changes with the angle of inclination. Storage batteries are tested to confirm they operate normally and without electrolyte leakage when angled to the extremes. 

Inclination tests are specified in the commercial marine industry equipment standards. These include: 

  • IEC 60092-504 
  • IACS E10 

Inclination requirements are also incorporated into type certification specifications from the major IACS classification societies. 

Elite has test equipment to perform inclination testing for marine applications.  Our Hydraulic Tilt Machine capabilities include:

  • Maximum Test Item Footprint:  48” x48”
  • Maximum Test Item Height:  72”
  • Tilt Angle:   +/- 22.5 degrees 
  • Rate: -22 deg to 0 deg to +22 deg in 10 sec
  • Customized angular profiles and rates

For more information on Elite’s marine industry testing or for others inclination test applications, contact our experts today