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November 17, 2020

In 2020, Elite has turned up the dial on our video capabilities. Our engineering team has recognized how efficient and effective video technology has become not only for meetings, but for testing and support as well. This year, due to COVID-19-related restrictions and precautions, our video capabilities have expanded dramatically and use has skyrocketed, and we anticipate this trend will continue for years to come to save our customers time and cost.

Here are a few cases demonstrating how Elite has been using video to virtually bring customers to our lab:

1. Virtual Laboratory Tours

Nothing replaces actual in-person lab tours, but we have to say, a virtual tour comes pretty close. Elite has recently combined presentations and video as a platform to virtually take customers through the lab. We pre-recorded steady, HD videos around the lab and paired them with our facility map. Using the GoToMeeting  and Microsoft Teams, our conference room becomes a portal for our customers to meet our personnel and experience our facility without leaving their desk.  And, let’s be honest, pre-recorded videos prevent all the potential issues with connectivity and live shaky video that we have all endured.

2. Test Preparation & Setup

Even before COVID-19, Elite was providing cameras for remote viewing of test setups. Recently, Elite has hosted or joined a live online meeting to prepare and conform a Vibration Test setup. The setup included the test item, an Elite designed and fabricated fixture, cables, load box, and support equipment needed to run the test. We created a “wireless” camera using a tablet to show any angles needed in real-time. This method has also been employed to satisfy third-party witnessing and conformity requirements. 

3. Testing & Troubleshooting

Elite has been providing cameras and screen-sharing to review actual testing and troubleshooting with customers in real-time. Earlier this year, an Elite environmental test engineer encountered a test item error alert during a Climatic Test.  The test engineer quickly contacted the customer and joined a live online meeting where she shared her screen so the customer could see in real time what was occurring. On another occasion, an Elite test engineer recorded their screen and uploaded it to our secured file share site so the customer in another time zone could view it asynchronously 

In addition to live options, video recording has also become an indispensable tool for documenting dynamic tests when still images are not enough. Time-lapse videos of long duration tests and slow-motion footage of rapid events help our customers evaluate DUT performance and provide necessary evidence of successful test completion.

Even after things get back to “normal,” don’t let distance delay your projects.  

Contact us today to schedule a virtual tour, an online test meetup, and take advantage of our video resources to succeed on your next project.

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