Choosing the Best Option for FAA Airport Lighting Certification

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February 3, 2021

More than $3 billion is allocated each year for airport infrastructure projects through the FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP). FAA ALECP certification is the only path for airport lighting equipment manufacturers to reach this market – and now there is a better option to complete the journey. Elite can now independently issue Certificates of Conformance and list all L-types in the FAA AC 150/5345-53D addendum.

Elite is accepted as a Third Party Certification Body in the FAA Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (ALECP). We chose to become a third party certification body after listening to several manufacturers detail the obstacles of the existing certification process. We quickly recognized that our strengths and diverse experience as a family-run, independent test lab were perfectly suited to overcome those obstacles. We want to help streamline your certification process and be your partner in delivering high-quality airport lighting equipment to users around the world.

After many years without options, manufacturers have new questions to consider when deciding how to certify their products:

1. Which Third Party Certification Body is the best fit for my business?

For the first time in a long time, manufacturers have a choice for their qualification testing and certification providers. All Third Party Certification Bodies listed in the FAA AC 150/5345-53D addendum (Appendix 1) are granted the same authority to test, certify, and list all L-types. Now you can consider what you expect from a certification body and choose the best partner to achieve your goals.

2. Should I sign up with more than one Third Party Certification Body?

Manufacturers may sign license agreements with as many certification bodies as they choose. Each certification body is responsible for only the products that they test and certify. With more than one certification body to choose from, you have more control over schedule and cost with fewer bottlenecks to deliver certified products to your customers. Some overlapping audit requirements are a small price for speed and flexibility for every product you certify.

3. Are all Third Party Certification Bodies the same?

Most definitely not – Elite’s customer service and collaborative culture set us apart from other labs. All certification bodies have the same recognition from the FAA and must follow the requirements of FAA AC 150/5345-53D, but that is where any similarities end. For more than 65 years, Elite has earned the trust and confidence of thousands of manufacturers in diverse industries. To help manufacturers succeed, we deliver on their expectations for accurate testing and reporting, fast turnaround, flexible scheduling, clear communication, and strong relationships with our expert staff.

Ready to streamline testing and certification?

Don’t let FAA certification slow you down. You can expect more from Elite and free your staff to focus on your business and your customers. We want to hear what is important to your business and offer a better path to FAA certification.

Testimonials of how we deliver success

“This year being as challenging as it was and our organization releasing new products on new platforms was a huge concern of mine as project manager. [After a half day of support,] Elite was then able to run our setup and products thus limiting travel, hotels, and time overall as well as risk to our Test Engineer. I look forward to more of our testing operating this way. Well done. Scheduling and quotes have come back extremely fast as well.”

“After working with Elite for many years now I can say they always go above and beyond. [When a new test requirement came up,] Elite’s engineers were more than willing to investigate, experiment, and even put out the capital necessary to upgrade their equipment to meet my needs. Thank you Elite team, we are glad to have you as a partner!”

“I only use Elite due to the incredible efforts of the staff, the professionalism, the quality of the data and the overall affordability and ease of use of having Elite as a testing partner.”